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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – Richardson, TX

Enjoy a Long-Term Solution with Dental Implants

model of dental implant

Dental implants in Richardson can last for a lifetime with the right foundation. Their long-term success relies on your jawbone’s ability to support the posts and fuse to them. Unfortunately, if you have lived with tooth loss or periodontal disease for several years, you may not be a candidate for dental implants because you have lost bone in your jaw. That does not mean you cannot become a candidate. Dr. Nguyen offers advanced dental implant procedures to create a successful foundation for your new smile. No matter if you need a sinus lift or bone grafting, he has the solution you need.

Advanced Dental Procedures

During your initial consultation for dental implants, x-rays and a CT scan are taken to assess your oral health and structures. Based on the information, it is determined if you need an advanced procedure, such as:

Bone Grafting

bone graft for dental implant

Bone grafting is a common solution for those who have lost bone in their jaw from prolonged tooth loss or advanced gum disease. It is necessary to enhance the thickness of the bone to allow it to support the posts.

The procedure may sound intimidating, but it is actually quite simple. Your dentist in Richardson takes a small section of bone from a donor or another area of your body and grafts it to the treatment site. Your jaw accepts the graft as it stimulates new bone growth. Over the next several months, your jaw’s density improves to give you a secure foundation for your implant posts.

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Sinus Lift

sinus lift

Also called a sinus augmentation, a sinus lift is needed when there is not enough bone between your jaw and your maxillary sinuses, which are on either side of your nose. The treatment is often needed when you are replacing the premolars or the molars in the upper jaw.

Essentially, your sinuses must be moved upward to make room for the implant posts. An oval is cut into the bone to allow your sinuses to be moved higher before a bone graft is placed into the opening. Your body will heal over the next several weeks to allow your implant posts to be placed successfully in the back of your jaw.

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If you are not a candidate for dental implants because of bone loss, that does not mean you cannot benefit from them in the future. Advanced procedures can resolve the issues preventing you from enjoying dental implants. Contact Dental Care Today of Richardson to schedule your consultation.