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How to Properly Prepare for Tooth Extractions in Richardson

January 15, 2018

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A woman having a dental exam.It’s a beautiful sunny day in Richardson, so you decide to go ride bikes with the family. Even though it’s been years since you’ve ridden a bike, your managing it pretty well, making turns and stopping at lights on time. It isn’t until you accidentally find yourself going downhill that you start to panic. As you try to hit the brakes, your front tire starts wobbling and you lose your balance. You fall off face-first.

Next thing you know you’re on the way to the dentist because your tooth is loose and in severe pain. You’ve never had tooth extractions in Richardson before, so you don’t know what to expect.

The Dentist Will Need to Prepare Beforehand

Whether you just had an accident or you’re experiencing severe oral pain, your dentist needs to determine the source so they can operate with confidence. First, they’ll take an x-ray of your mouth so they can plan the best way to extract your tooth. Make sure you have your medical history available as well as medications you currently take to avoid any complications during surgery.

If you’re experiencing an issue in the back of your mouth, the dentist will likely have to take a panoramic x-ray, which takes a picture of your entire row of teeth.

Extractions are Completely Safe

While extractions are not particularly common, they are a simple enough procedure that any dentist can perform. They will use local anesthetic to ensure that your surgery is nearly painless. They’ll also have many dental tools at their disposal to make sure only the affected tooth is removed and nothing else unnecessary.

If you are anxious about your extraction, many dentists provide sedatives to make you feel more relaxed during treatment. An example of this is nitrous oxide, which is administered during surgery and will put you in a deeply relaxed state. You may even fall asleep and not wake up until after the treatment is over.

There May Be Blood Afterwards

Bleeding is pretty typical even after surgery is complete. Since the dentist is working around sensitive tissue, it can take some time before the area is completely healed. Your dentist in Richardson will provide you with a gauze pad that should be consistently applied for at least half an hour after surgery.

Some dentists use more advanced technology such as lasers to perform soft and hard tissue treatments. These are more effective at reducing bleeding thanks to their precision compared to metal dental tools.

Put Down the Tobacco

After surgery, you’ll want to avoid all forms of tobacco for at least a week. Smoking after an extraction highly increases your chances of contracting an infection in the operated area. Furthermore, tobacco contributes heavily to gum disease and tooth loss, so exposing your extracted area to its thousands of dangerous chemicals will not do the healing process any favors.

Have more questions about teeth extractions in Richardson? Ask about it at your next dental appointment to get the facts!

About the Author

Dr. David Nguyen is experienced in performing many different dental treatments you may need. After completing his post-graduate studies at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Dallas, he’s more than capable of performing gum disease treatment/surgery and wisdom tooth extractions. To learn more about his practice, contact him at (214) 377-8881 or visit his website.

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