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Porcelain Fixed Bridges In Richardson

Fixed bridges are dental prosthetics used to replace one or a few consecutive missing teeth. The Dental Care Today of Richardson team offers both the traditional dental crown supported fixed bridge and dental implant supported fixed bridges. Both restorations use dental crowns on both sides of a replacement tooth or teeth to support the prosthetic. The crowns in traditional bridges attach to surrounding healthy teeth for support. Dental implants can also be used in lieu of attaching crowns to surrounding healthy teeth. Depending on whether patients choose a traditional bridge or an implant retained bridge, the restoration process can take two or more treatment visits. For traditional bridges, patients will visit us for a preparation appointment. We’ll shape the surrounding teeth to allow for the placement of the crowns. Then, we capture bite impressions the lab will use to create the custom bridge and place a temporary. Once we receive this bridge, you’ll return to exchange your temporary for the final bridge. Dental implant retained bridges will require one or more additional preparatory appointments.

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